For the past few months, Sour Patch Kids has teamed up with YouTube stars Jack and Jack, Meredith Foster and Andrea Russett on some exciting prom projects! Together they made a YouTube series called “Breaking Out” which takes us on a hilarious journey to prom with the stars when everything seems to go wrong—and we mean everything! Watch for yourself to find out if the sour moments will take a sweet turn. And did we mention the promposal contest to top it all off? Fans of the YouTube stars were asked to “prompose” to their date of choice for a chance to attend prom with the crazy crew. We were lucky enough to receive an invite to this sweet Sour Patch Kids Prom where we got to witness the winners meeting their YouTube dates for the first time. Check out the precious moments, including the first slow dance!

After the picture-perfect prom, we got some one-on-one time with Jack and Jack, Andrea and Meredith to talk details. Hear what they had to say about their own personal prom experiences, their future acting plans and more !

And finally, how could we pass up the opportunity to hear some personal tips from these talented, savvy YouTube stars? Fashion, beauty, prom, how to talk to your date… you name it, we discussed it!

Don’t miss the finale of the Breaking Out series this Friday at 6/5C on YouTube at any of these channels….
Andrea Russett
Meredith Foster
Jack and Jack