Uriah Shelton (Pratters in 13 Reasons Why) takes the lead in the upcoming, action-packed movie Enter the Warriors Gate. It’s about a boy who enters an alternate universe through a video game. If you’re fascinated by ancient cultures like we are, this one is a must-see! We caught up with Uriah to ask him about what it was like to play his character, Jack Thompson, and, as it turns out, Uriah and Jack might as well be twinning!

“The thing with Jack was, we actually really were really similar. The character ends up learning martial arts to defeat the barbarians, and I’ve been training in martial arts for the longest time. I’m the five-time state champion of California in Tae Kwon Do.” Uriah told Justine Magazine that even though he felt prepared for the set thanks to his years of training, the new moves had him hurting and sore the next day.

Another thing Uriah and Jack share is their love of video games. “I’m not a huge gamer, but I definitely do like the games that I play,” Uriah confesses. “Grand Theft Auto is a big favorite. Far Cry though, Far Cry has always been one of my favorites.”

While their hobbies and interests definitely add up, when it comes down to it, Uriah and Jack share a lot of the same priorities, one of which is courage. “[Jack] is terrified of dueling [in the movie] but he knows he’s got to do it for the greater good. I’m not going to toot my own horn or anything but I definitely do identify with that. I definitely do appreciate somebody who can take care of business.”

Be sure to catch Uriah Shelton in Enter the Warriors Gate coming soon!