If you’re like us, you spend hours on Pinterest lusting after the dazzling designer décor. Well, we’ve picked one of our favorites spaces from the site, received some insider tips from the room’s designers and tracked down products like beautiful wall canvas or silky Grey Cushions to recreate your own eclectic bedroom without a big-time budget!

Designers Lisa Ball (Design by Lisa), and Renée LeJeune Hallberg and Gabbie Geraty (RLH Studio) shared their top tips for recreating the space:

•The bedside tables are actually small desks from West Elm. We thought that one or both could be used as a desk or makeup table.
•The wallcovering is a Mica wallpaper, but it can be used as a light duty corkboard, as well. If you don’t want to apply wallpaper, we suggest using cork tiles.
•For the painted panels we applied our trim color over magnetic paint so that those areas could be used to display art and photos.
•We covered the books and the letter ”E” in art paper to add some color.
•Keep the big pieces (bedspread, rug, wall color) neutral and add color in smaller pieces like the pillows and artwork so that it’s easier to make changes when your tastes change.
•We didn’t use wall decals in this room, but we have found that they are great for teen bedrooms. There are a limitless number of colors and styles available and they are easy to install.
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