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It’s no surprise that YALLFest was a hit again this year, thanks to book signings by the greats, crazy long lines resulting in new friendships, a killer performance from Tiger Beat and one very exciting announcement— YALLWest is coming in April! That’s right. We’re all packing up and moving out west this spring— and what could be better than two weekends out of the year that we can go crazy for (and with) the best YA authors in the biz?

But first things first. You voted for your YA Faves, including Favorite YALLFest author, debut author and book, and the results are in! How did your votes compare?

    Favorite YALLFest Author:

3rd Place: James Dashner
2nd Place: Veronica Roth
1st Place: Kiera Cass

    Favorite YA Debut Author:

3rd Place: Tie between Ryan Graudin and Braxton Cosby
2nd Place: Martina Boone
1st Place: Maya Van Wagenen

    Favorite YALLFest Book:

3rd Place: Tie between Smoke and Bones and The Maze Runner
2nd Place: Divergent
1st Place: The Selection Series

Congrats to the winners and thank you to all who entered! Now for a few highlights from the weekend…

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yallfest martina boone

yallfest girls w mags

yallfest gayle forman

See y’all next year! In the meantime, follow @justinemagbooks on Twitter/ Insta for the latest book buzz!

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