We loved all the mythology references in Aimee Carter’s Goddess Test series. The characters are the same ones in the classic myths, only with updated names to keep up with the times — Hera is now Calliope, Aphrodite changed her name to Ava, Demeter is now Diana, and Artemis goes by Ella!

It started us thinking…really, deep inside, aren’t we ALL goddesses? Of course we are! 

Take our quiz to find out which divine diva you’re most like.


Xena 1

If a statement matches your personality, record the letter listed next to the sentence. At the end, tally all your letters. The letter you have the most of is the goddess you match from THE GODDESS TEST series! Be sure to scroll all the way to the end for more details about your goddess. 

  • You love nothing better than a party with a room full of people for you to talk to; you never met a stranger.  C
  • You find yourself crying in the coffee shop while you read the end of a sad book.  A
  • You recycle, reuse and reduce any time you can.  B
  • While other girls are chatting about who’ll be the first one asked out by the hot new guy in Chemistry class, you’re daydreaming about the hike you have planned for the weekend.  E
  • Valentine’s Day is your favorite holiday of the year.  D
  • You love flowers, plants, trees—anything green.  A and B
  • You’ve been known to be a bit quick tempered when something makes you angry.  D
  • This week’s fashion trend has little impact on you. You wear what you like and don’t mind if no one else follows.  E
  • You can always make others laugh—you’re the “life of the party” from the school lunch table to the weekend get-together.  C
  • Friday night and none of your friends can hang out? No problem. Entertaining yourself is an appealing option for you.  E
  • “That girl better not be flirting with my boyfriend!!!” Ever felt that way?  D
  • You are SO happy spring is finally here. All you want to do in wintertime is curl up in a ball at home and watch Gilmore Girl reruns.  A
  • Justin Bieber posters line the walls of your room.  C
  • Low carb is not appealing at all. From rolls to croissants, there’s nothing you like to eat more than bread.   B

Xena Aphrodite



Mostly A’s: You are most like Persephone, queen of the underworld. Sympathetic and compassionate, Persephone personifies vegetation that shoots forth in spring and retreats into the earth in autumn.  In The Goddess Test series, Persephone is Kate’s sister! Which makes the series all that more dramatic when Kate becomes the new queen and takes Persephone’s abandoned place at Henry’s (Hades) side.

Mostly B’s:  A true “Earth Mother,” you channel Demeter, goddess of grain and fertility. She’s got the power—it is her rage over her daughter’s abduction by Hades that causes winter. In the Goddess Test series, Kate is shocked when she finally realizes her mother Diana is really Demeter!

Mostly C’s:  You are Aphrodite, goddess of beauty. Irresistibly charming, extroverted, and, yes, maybe a tad boy crazy…what else can we say? Aphrodite is Ava in The Goddess Test, and her relationship with Kate starts out rocky, but they eventually become best friends.  Ava is loving and loyal, but also flighty and totally guy crazy.

Mostly D’s:  The goddess of love, Hera is your inspiration. A study in contrasts, she is faithful and nurturing to those she loves, but can tend toward the hot-tempered, jealous side when provoked. Hera is Calliope in the series, and she’s a complicated and interesting character!

Mostly E’s:  Hi there, Artemis, goddess of the hunt, the moon and the wilderness. Highly independent, she marched to her own drummer, shunning tradition and loving her freedom. Ella is really Artemis in the series, and she’s Kate’s attendant. She’s a good person but loves to dress Kate up in painful fashions.  She’s also often at odds with Ava/Aphrodite. 

Percy Jackson 2

percy Jackson