bts quiz

Back to school is the perfect time to reinvent your wardrobe and show off a new and improved you. But the question is… how do you get started? Take the quiz to learn what your next step should be!

  1. How did you spend your summer?
    A) Late to bed, early to rise! Any way to maximize my friend time.
    B) Summer seminars and resumé builders any and everywhere.
    C) Fitting in as many books and Netflix binge-watching seshes as possible.
  2. A night out with your squad! What are you wearing?
    A) Something shabby chic—I love a good flowy maxi, and shades of white
    B) My favorite dark-wash jeans paired with a structured blazer
    C) Cute and comfy are key. I’ll build my outfit around a cute, cool blouse.
  3. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
    A) Hours—Look this good requires work!
    B) About 30 minutes. I’ll make sure I’m put together, but makeup isn’t a must.
    C) No time at all! Natural and refreshed is the way to go.
  4. Your celeb style icon is…
    A) Kendall Jenner
    B) Taylor Swift
    C) Emma Stone
  5. If you could only save one piece from your closet, it would be… 
    A) A flowery kimono—I searched high and low for it and I won’t give it up!
    B) My go-to striped dress—it’s the ultimate transition piece.
    C) My t-shirts, duh!
  6. Which shoes can we expect to find you in most days?
    A) Either some fun wedges or ballet flats
    B) Simple oxfords—it’s not every day you find style and comfort like that!
    C) My white Converse, without a doubt. They go with literally everything!
  7. Your fashion mantra?
    A) Be unique
    B) Dress to impress
    C) Less really is more

Mostly A’s: The girlier the better for you! Feminine frills, florals and white are a few of your favorite things. To switch things up this school year, try adding some sophistication to your wardrobe by matching your whites and pastels with staple black pieces. Think blazers or the perfect pair of black skinnies. Adding dark contrast gives you that bold edge without sacrificing your feminine taste!

Mostly B’s: You’re oh so preppy! Chances are, you love anything monogrammed, striped or remotely linked to Old English-inspired clothing. Change up your look by channeling your inner Blair Waldorf and embracing ultra feminine styles like bow collars and statement jewelry. (Hint: brooches and cameos are the ultimate thrift store finds!)

Mostly C’s: You’re all about simplicity! You’re a natural at looking effortlessly stunning. Take it a step further this school year and try a monochromatic look, going all white or even all black! Simple, yet about as chic as it gets.