We know you’re sad to see Pretty Little Liars approaching its last episode. Trust us, we are too. It’s the end of era! PLL was our one-stop-shop for style inspo, cute guys, and crazy plot twists. What are we supposed to do now?

For those of you who can’t get enough of what A has to dish out, there’s an app that you absolutely must download to keep the PLL fun going, even after the show has ended.

Episode, the app that lets you make choices to a storyline, will now be offering a Pretty Little Liars version! You can now join Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hannah as they uncover the secrets of Rosewood and other mysteries. Think you have it all figured out just because you’ve seen every season twice? Well, guess what? A is back, and it’s def not who you thought it was on the show! You’ll just have to download Episode and play to find out who’s wearing that black hoodie this time.

So while you’ll still have to find a new way to fill your Tuesday nights, since PLL will be TTYL, you can keep your obsession going by downloading Episode!