You may think you know cover girl Olivia Holt, but how well do you really know her everyday favorites? Can you guess her favorite snack, or her favorite accessory? What about her favorite color? See if you can achieve super fan status by guessing some of her faves in the quiz above. After you watch, check your results and see how you stack up!

How did you do?

1-3 Correct: You’ve got a ways to go before you and Olivia are BFF material. Keep brushing up on your Olivia facts at, and you’ll achieve expert status in no time!

4-7 Correct: You’re well on your way to knowing all there is to know about Olivia! Check out the June/July issue of Justine to up your knowledge on this cutie!

8-10 Correct: Well hello, Superfan! You know all the nitty gritty details about our girl, Olivia, and you’re not afraid to share your knowledge with the world!