Every girl has her dream date, but who is yours? We’d be willing to bet that the oh-so-attractive and charming Cody Simpson would make the cut, so we jumped on the opportunity to chat with him about his own love life.

What are the top qualities you value in a girl?
I like a girl who is confident and independent. Someone who is ambitious and has her own thing for her as well.

Describe a perfect date.
I’m a big fan of the beach— I love how calming it is. A perfect date would definitely take place there, perhaps a picinic or a little surf lesson.

What (or who!) is the inspiration behind “LOVE?”
The song is really an ode to the powerful force of love. It is a song which I felt would help unify people and release good vibes.

Any embarrassing dating stories in your past?
I went on an ice skating date in NYC a few months back… can’t say I quite had the hang of skating, haha.

Do you still get nervous before a date? What do you do to keep calm, cool and collected?
I generally get a tad nervous on the first date, but once that’s over with everything is usually smooth sailing.

What’s the most valuable piece of dating advice you’ve ever gotten?
To always remain a gentleman.