Our dreams came true at VidCon 2015 where we celebrated all things video, including YouTube and Vine, and all of the talented stars behind them! Not only did we get to spend the day hanging out with devoted fans, we also got to hear from the video experts themselves! From beauty panels to rap battles, this year’s VidCon had it all. We could talk about it forever, but we’ll give you a quick top 10 summary about the weekend instead.

1. Rapping with Epic Rap Battles is, well… epic. While they normally take time to write their raps, making them up on the fly can be just as fun!

2. Instagram knows how to make us look and feel great! I mean, how can you go wrong with an emoji ball pit?!

3. We need more Casey Ho of Blogilates in our lives. Exercising while brushing your teeth? Genius.

4. Even fabulous beauty bloggers like Kandee Johnson, Meredith Foster and Ingrid Nillsen have their insecurities. Their message: Be confident about what’s beautiful about you and build others up by revealing their beauty!

5. Dane Boe, the man behind Annoying Orange, isn’t annoying after all! The most annoying fruit in his opinion? Pomegranates.

6. That rockstar moment when you jump up with your guitar really is all it’s cracked up to be. Thank you Gibson, for that experience!

7. Even YouTube stars fangirl! We caught Tracy and Stefanie from eleventhgorgeous following Mark Ruffalo for a pic.

8. S’mores pizza is actually a thing. Andrew Lowe=our new best friend.

9.  Charles McDonale does not like soggy cereal. At his “Charlie Eat Cereal for an  Hour” Q&A he had to get new cereal when his answer was too long and his cereal got soggy. #diva

10. YouTubers totally thrive off of positive fan support. Ditch the hate and keep spreading the love!