Get ready for the ultimate battle of geek vs. chic in the upcoming film The Outcasts, releasing April 14. The story follows best friends Jodi (Victoria Justice) and Mindy (Eden Sher) as they navigate the roller coaster of high school drama and constant ridicule from the popular Whitney (Claudia Lee) and her sidekick Mackenzie (Peyton List). Even though Jodi and Mindy hope to spend senior year flying under the radar, they are forced into the spotlight when they become victims of a vicious prank. The pair joins forces with unlikely allies to unite the outcasts of the school and start a social revolution.

“It’s a great coming of age story and it’s full of unique characters. It’s about embracing, accepting and loving who you are and really at the core of the movie, it’s about friendship,” Victoria Justice shared. We’re always on board for a good coming-of-age high school drama, so we’ll definitely grab our besties and reach for the popcorn when this star-studded flick hits theaters.

Catch the film in theaters and on demand April 14. Watch the official trailer here: