beach bag girls
Going to the beach and wondering what to throw in your summer tote? Don’t fret! From waterproof mascara to sand solutions, you’ll be be prepared! Make sure to pack the essentials like sunscreen and a water bottle to stay safe, but don’t leave out the trendy coverup either! Didn’t realize so much planning went into one little bag? Lucky for you, with this inspiration, you just might be the most stylish girl on the beach! So lay out on your cute towel, flip through the pages of the most recent Justine and and your beach trip will be a major success!

forever21 tote
Stand out from the crowd with a stylish cary-all beach bag!
Forever 21 $13

beach towel
Why stop with the bag? Add a colorful towel to the mix.
Target $10

Never ever ever forget the sunscreen! Nothing ruins a perfectly good summer day quite like a sunburn.
Target $14

water bottle
Hydration is KEY when you’re sweating out so much of your body’s moisture!
Target $15

Give yourself some shade and show off your stylish side at the same time!
Target $14

dove detangler
We all love beach hair, but when the day is over, revitalize your locks with a detangler.
Target $4

BIC Soleil
Smooth and sleek has never been easier thanks to this Soleil Shave & Trim.
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lulus sunglasses
Sunglasses are every summer girl’s best friend!
Lulu*s $13

target coverup2
Don’t forget your cover-up in case there’s an ice cream run after your day in the sun!
Target $18

flip flops
Is there any easier way to protect your feet from the sizzling sand or concrete?
Old Navy $3.94/ 2 for $5

Little did you know… good old baby powder can make a big difference in the messy sand dept. Just sprinkle a little bit on your feet and it will absorb the moisture, allowing the sand to brush right off!
Target $3.50

Don’t forget about your lips! A fun Lipsmacker will go a long way this summer!
Walgreens $2