With Father’s Day upon us, we’re reflecting on five TV dads that we love to laugh with and love to love. Their father/ daughter relationships may not be perfect, but whose is, anyway?

Maddie & Deacon Nashville

This father/daughter duo has come a long way through the past three seasons of Nashville! Even though the two got a late start, their connection is undeniable and Deacon’s love for Maddie (played by recent Justine cover girl Lennon Stella!) is just about the sweetest thing we’ve ever seen. But watch out! Throw in high-stress situations and their emotionally charged songs, and this relationship can turn into a tearjerker in no time.

Phil & Haley + Alex Modern Family

fathers day modern fam

Phil Dunphy may be arguably the most hilarious dad on TV these days, but it’s these same antics that keep his girls rolling their eyes and covering their faces. The embarrassment may cut deep sometimes, but the love is clearly deeper! After all, you can’t stay annoyed at such a well-meaning goofball for too long! Really, have you seen his “proud dad” face? The cutest.

Corey & Riley Girl Meets World

fathers day thumb

Like father, like daughter! These two have been attached at the hip for a long time, and not every girl would be okay with having her dad as a teacher! Even though Riley’s growing up she always seems to find herself running back to her dad who’s always waiting with arms wide open. Hmm… wonder if Corey learned this from his on-screen Boy Meets World dad?

Mike & Sue The Middle

fathers day middle

Opposites attract with this pair; Mike’s stoic ways and Sue’s overzealous approach to life couldn’t be more different. We can’t help but laugh when Mike can pretty much solve the world’s problems with one word while Sue desperately tries to swim against the current! One thing is for sure, though—this man of few words is a man of much love!

Murray & Erica The Goldbergs

fathers day goldbergs

These two prove that you don’t need a mushy gushy relationship with your dad to make it work! Murray’s “that’s life” attitude has a way of working with Erica’s nonchalant “cool girl” attitude. Murray may not say it out loud all the time… or ever.. but actions speak louder than words and this man is working hard to care for his fam! Plus, we have a feeling we’ll get him to verbalize sooner than later…