Top 5 Reads for Fans of the Mortal Instruments

Are you looking for some great new books to end your summer with a splash or to kick off your new school year? Well, you’re in luck!

If you love the high-stakes action, steamy romance and memorable characters of The Mortal Instruments, here are five more books that will feed your need for pulse-pounding fantasy.


Echo will stop at nothing to protect her family, an ancient race called the Avicen, from the coming war between her people and their rival. However, this isn’t their greatest threat. The firebird, a mythical creature possessing extraordinary power, is on the rise, and it is Echo’s mission to do what she does best—steal it. Her task, nonetheless, will prove to be trickier than she thought, and sometimes history, isn’t quite as it seems.

The Scoop:

Prepare to be hooked on this mystical thrill ride as Echo and her friends journey across the world, encounter dangers from their past and face the uncertainty of the future. This book will have you laughing nonstop, hanging on the edge of your seat, and fanning yourself from the romance before you get to the last page.


Eighteen-year-old Celaena Sardothien is a trained assassin with whom Prince Dorian, the crown prince, strikes a deal. For her freedom, Celaena must serve as his champion in a competition to determine the new imperial assassin. When her fellow competitors begin to die one by one, she realizes her freedom isn’t just at stake, but her life. Will Celaena be able to find out who the killer is before it’s too late, or will her discoveries lead to a fate she never expected?

The Scoop:

A strong girl-power heroine will keep you on your toes while you’re engrossed in  Maas’s riveting and magical tale! With action and mystery creeping around every corner, you’re in for a thrill as Celaena and the rest of the gang navigate the adventures that await them throughout this book. Stunning and unforgettable, Throne of Glass is “killer!”


The Shadow Fold has torn the people of Ravka in two, leaving its destiny in the hands of one Alina Starkov. After a brutal attack on her regiment, Alina discovers that she has a great power inside her, a power that sets her on a course for the Royal Court, where she will train to become a part of the Grisha—a magical aristocracy led by the Darkling. As darkness begins to unfold across the kingdom, Alina must learn how to wield her power, navigate the mysteries of the Grisha, and even understand her own heart.

The Scoop:

Dark, alluring and mysterious, Shadow and Bone is set in a high fantasy world that hooks you from page one! Alina’s heroism shines as she adapts to the grand and magical world Bardugo has created. Not only is the book fast paced, but the action, romance and compelling characters combine to create this masterpiece of a story that will have you captured in its clutches!


Elizabeth Grey is one the kingdom’s best witch hunters, trained to rid the world of witchcraft. However, the tables turn when she is accused of being a witch herself and is saved by someone she once considered her enemy, the all-powerful Nicholas Perevil. Now in order to save her life Elizabeth must join forces with her supposed enemy, uncover the truth about her world and confront the kingdom she has grown up in, which isn’t as black and white as it seems.

The Scoop:

If you have been “hunting” for your next read, then look no further! The Witch Hunter is a wonderfully written, exceedingly enchanting and adventurous tale with a charming cast of characters who all find a place in your heart. The intense action and compelling romance are the icing on the cake. You will be left speechless!


Luna has been hiding in a tower as Relhok’s lost princess, ever since a terrible darkness swept over her beloved kingdom. Now, at 17, she is aching to be a part of the outside world. When a mysterious archer, Fowler, helps her escape to safety after the tower is attacked, Luna discovers that the world is more dangerous than she ever anticipated. As they begin their journey she and Fowler soon discover that their biggest threat may be falling in love.

The Scoop:

Jordan delivers a dazzling story in this book, with heartwarming and mysterious characters whose love story is as intriguing as it is sweet. Magical moments, action-filled scenes and mystical thrills all contribute to this grown-up storybook tale for teens! Brilliant from the very first page, Luna and Fowler’s story will definitely “rein” you in!

So, these are my top five reads for fans of The Mortal Instruments! Make sure you check out these amazing books soon and, of course, get your read on!

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