Feel like you’ve been using the sad face emoji a lot more than normal? Maybe it’s because summer is ending. Yes, Summer 2018 was a great one, but cheer up because with back-to-school season comes back-to-school shopping! What’s the one thing on your must-need list that you can’t forget? Duck Tape! And P.S.,—there are about a million ways to use it during the school year! Here’s our top ten list…


10. Repurpose common household items for a fun refresh!

Make your old office supplies look new again with a little extra color (or sparkle)!


9. Use washi tape to make your workspace as unique as you!

Who said your desk had to be boring?


8. Label all your notebooks and folders with chalkboard tape for old-school vibes!

Staying organized has never been so trendy.


7. Make pretty decorations for a Homecoming party!

The theme? Glitter, glitter, and more glitter!


6. Create chic notebooks with Duck® Mirror and Duck® Texture Tape!

Nothing is cooler than custom!


5. Use Duck Tape to make a DIY B-T-S organizer!

Brb, gotta go crafting!


4. Keep your life on schedule with a homemade calendar!

Never miss practice, a dance, or a test again!


3. Keep summer memories close with DIY Photo Displays!

June and July may be long gone, but those summer moments will hang in your locker all year!


2. Avoid messy-desk syndrome with this Duck Tape drawer divider how-to!

Now everything you need is right at your fingertips.


1. Cover and protect your textbooks using Duck Tape!

It’s easier than you think! And, hey, we love a shortcut!