tucking technique

There are millions of ways to spruce up your favorite white tee shirt, but have you thought about the different ways to work a tuck? This easy styling move can make any trusty jeans and tee shirt ensemble look like a tailored and fashionable outfit. Take a look at some of our favorite tucking techniques…

Side Tuck
white tee side tuck

Simply gather your tee to one side and leave the other hanging out like normal. Not only is this effortlessly cute, it can make even your oversized tees look a bit more polished!

Front Tuck
white tee front tuck

Tuck just the front of the tee into your jeans to create a finished look in the front, witht a more comfy, casual look in the back. Not to mention, you could rock an adorable belt with this one!

Loose Front Tuck
white tee loose front tuck

Similar to the normal front tuck, this look is just a little bit edgier as the sides hang all the way out—no holding back this time! And bonus, this look is adorable with the new high-waisted jeans you bought this fall!

Full Tuck
white tee full tuck

Take a blast from the past with this classic approach! There’s nothing like a full tuck to flatter your waist and turn your fav grungy tee/faded jeans outfit into a vintage one. But don’t forget to blouse it out a little instead of tucking it super tight!