Let’s be honest, there isn’t a female superhero who has as much girl power as the OG: Wonder Woman.

The Amazonian princess is coming to a theatre near you this weekend, so we’ve decided to embrace our inner Diana (that’s Wonder Woman’s real name, for those of you who aren’t clued in on the backstory of the golden lasso-thrower) and let her superpowers influence our wardrobe. Unfortunately, you can’t really wear a stars-and-stripes bodysuit for the average, every day. But have no fear, we put together the perfect summer look to wear to the movie premiere on June 2, or just while you are out casually saving the world. Here’s our updated Wonder Woman ensemble:

Wonder Woman Graphic Tee from Junk Food

Get it at Nordstrom for $52.

Satin Shorts

Get them from H&M for $35.

Metallic O-Ring Sandals

Get them from UrbanOg for $23.

Statement Star Earrings

Get them from H&M for $10.

Ring Loops Cuff Bracelet

Get it from UrbanOg for $15.

Bandana Scarf

Get it from H&M for $10.