college get involves

So, you’ve determined that sorority life isn’t your cup of tea. There are tons of ways you can get involved and have the time of your life in college! Here are just a few:

Intramurals: Whether you played sports in high school or not, intramurals are a great way to get a workout (plus kick the freshman 15) and meet people with similar interests. An interactive activity like throwing the frisbee around or a group run makes an easy way to break the ice. Plus, traveling for competition is great team bonding time and allows you to meet people from all over!

Campus Clubs: Want to spice up your resume with some Student Government experience? Want to volunteer around your college town and get to know the city? What about starting a recycling effort to create a sustainable future for your school? Good news! There’s probably a campus club for all of these things, and hundreds more! Don’t skip out on the new student festivals and fairs—they’re a great way to get the 411 on campus clubs, so take advantage!

On-Campus Job: What better way to get to know your campus (and shmooze with faculty) than with an on-campus job? Get to know the staff, attend appreciation banquets… before you know it, you’ll be putting other intimidated freshmen at ease! These job openings are often spread by word of mouth, so start feeling things out sooner rather than later!

Student Ministries: Whether you dedicated a significant amount of time to your youth group in high school or never practiced a religion before, there are plenty of campus ministries of all religions who will welcome you in! These groups offer all kinds of activities, from small group studies to worship services to games and social gatherings.

And a word to the wise…Don’t limit your friends. So maybe you didn’t join a Greek organization, but that doesn’t mean you can only hang out with certain people! Keep your dorm room door open. Make friends with the person who sits next to you in chemistry. Part of the beauty of your college years is that you can expand your horizons both in the classroom and out—widening your circle of friends to include a broad variety of people will give you a larger perspective on life and make you a more interesting person.