Get the scoop from Sarah Jeffery (Daphne) and Sarah Gilman (Velma) on the latest Scooby-Doo spin off!

Hey Scooby-Doo fans . . . the wait is over for the first Scooby-Doo, girl-power themed movie, DAPHNE & VELMA, out on DVD & Blu-ray now and it’s a winner! This fresh take on this well-loved franchise—produced by none other than Ashley Tisdale—takes place pre-Scooby gang days when bestie Internet friends, Velma and Daphne, finally meet when Daphne starts at Velma’s high school. At Ridge Valley High, something strange is happening to the students as they appear to be almost “zombie-fied” wandering the halls. Never fear, Daphne and Velma are in their element on the case to solve the mystery.

Justine caught up with the two Sarahs to get the scoop on what it was like to become such iconic characters, work with a creative female director and to get advice on being a smart girl!

Justine: Tell us about the characters that you play!

Sarah Gilman: If you took the Velma that we’ve all come to know and turned her into a real, relatable person – that’s who I play! She’s always been the sassy, smart one in the group – and now she’s a bit edgier with her smarts and wit smart while also being a bit sensitive and vulnerable. You’ll definitely see another edgier side of her that you have not seen before.

Sarah Jeffery: My version of Daphne is different in that she is clearly very versatile and multi-faceted. She’s still sort of that girly-girl fashionista that we’ve come to know, but she’s also super clever, smart and curious.

J: What characteristic of yours is most like the character you play?

Sarah Gilman: Definitely Velma’s sarcasm! Quite a bit of the sarcasm in the movie is improv that I did that our director, Suzi Yoonessi, gave me free reign over. She was really cool about the creative process on set so I was able to add some zingers! It was so fun working with her. She has a definite creative vision but, at the same time, is open to other creative suggestions. Very collaborative, but she knows what she wants at the same time.

J: If there were a sequel to this movie, how would Daphne develop?

Sarah Jeffery: I’d love to see Daphne use her book smarts and learn from Velma how logic can be useful, while still maintaining her imaginative, creative side. They have so much they can learn from one another.

J: This story is a real girl-power, smart-girl film. What is your advice to girls who sometimes are afraid to use their voices?

Sarah Jeffery: I would say that your smarts and your intellect are your greatest powers, and to know and trust those admirable qualities. Anyone who is worth your time will appreciate your intelligence.

Sarah Gilman: Easier said than done – but don’t be afraid. There is just not enough media representation of smart girls, to be honest, you just don’t see the portrayal of enough smart, powerful girls. You have to remember that girls are just as capable—if not more capable—of doing anything that guys can do. If a girl wants to be an engineer, she has just as much capability to do just that. Be proud of  your skill set and what you can do!

J: What’s on your radar in the coming months?

Sarah Gilman: I am currently in the film school at USC and am also working on a YouTube Red TV series called Foursome which will be out later this year.

Sarah Jeffery: I’m currently shooting Descendants 3 in Vancouver which is an absolute blast! I also just found out that the pilot I filmed for the CW, Charmed, got a series order. So I’ll be shooting that pretty soon after D3.