As the lead vocalist of Echosmith, Sydney Sierota makes musical magic with her three brothers. In her chat with Justine, Sydney shared the inside scoop on the band! For the full interview be sure to pick up the December/January issue of Justine.

On the band’s success… “It’s been amazing to see our goal within reach and to do this in a real way, in a way that really means a lot to us and to our fans. Watching this grow before our eyes. That’s been really insane for us!”

On their fans… “There’s been a lot of connections we’ve made with people over multiple shows. It’s cool to see people who’ve come to ten shows in the span of like two or three months. People are telling us we’ve made a difference in their life and certain songs relate to them at a deeper level. It’s been very memorable, every conversation we’ve gotten to have with people.”

On their single, “Cool Kids”…”We wrote this song not because we wanted to have a hit single but because we related to it. We’ve gone through it; we’ve gone through that feeling of desiring to be like somebody else. We’ve gone through that process of realizing, “Wait, that’s not the way to do life!” The way to do it is accepting yourself and being okay with who you are and who you’re not. It’s obviously a daily battle, and I have to decide every morning that I’m okay with myself. It’s so real, it’s so honest. We’re not hiding anything. We relate to that song, and we’re not afraid to say that, either.”

On traveling… “Wherever we go, we get so excited for the culture that we end up being in, wherever it is, that we just want to try it. And I guess in our case, immersing ourselves in the culture is really about eating the food! We have so much fun finding random places. We’re all the kind of people who will try almost anything, even if it’s kind of weird.”

On the hardest part of touring…”We were in five different countries in seven days this past week, and I mean, that’s a lot of flying, and that’s a lot of not sleeping. The hardest thing is trying to stay healthy and not be extremely exhausted. We’ve still got to play shows, and we’ve still got to do the Meet and Greets and all the acoustic sets and everything that comes along with all of that. That’s a challenge. And when you’re sick, you can’t do your job as well, and I can’t give the band my best.”

On the band name… “Somebody told us for our name to be, like, the Fantabulous Four. And I was like, ‘That reminds me of the Fantastic Four, like the guy with the stretchy arms,’ and I’m like, that’s not us! So we decided not to go with that… we had to politely decline!”