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Looking for a different, fun way to celebrate a birthday? How about a beauty party? Justine reader Sydney and her friends had a blast on her special day – and they learned tons about how to look their best.

The girls at the party learned their color “season” from a professional color analyst, but you can study up and do it on your own. Get help from books including the original color manual Color Me Beautiful and on the web at sites like

Have guests come to the party wearing a top in the color they think looks best on them, and without any makeup. Once a girl’s season has been determined drape swatches of fabrics in the season’s best colors around her neck and shoulders to find her ideal hues. Then, it’s on to makeup. Your guests may be surprised to find that shades they’d never considered look great on them.

Getting glammed up with your girls is a super-fun way to celebrate. For more info on a beauty party AND great tips from a color analyst check out the April/May issue of Justine. And to get a hint about colors that are best for each season check out out Color Craze by Season story.
surprise it's a beauty party2