By Isabel Naquin



ANTISOCIAL by Jillian Blake

Release Date: May 16

Anna Soler was hoping for a laid-back senior year, but spring has arrived and with it an unexplainable breakup with her  basketball star ex-boyfriend, tough times with the friends she’d ditched while she had a BF, and a complicated relationship with her friend Jethro, who’s being suspiciously forgiving. When the kings and queens of Alexandria Prep’s phones are hacked, personal information, messages, secrets and lies are exposed; and no one knows how to make it stop. As the school erupts in chaos, Anna’s relationships and friendships hang in the balance. What Anna will soon discover is a truth we all too often deny: sometimes we share too much.


MY TAKE: Books that pack a huge punch are always my favorites, and Antisocial is nothing short of an eye-opening wakeup call! Without getting too heavy handed on the “dangers” of social media, Blake tells a fast-paced, intriguing and emotional story about the all-too-real dangers of social networks. Not only is the book a mysterious thrill ride, it’s a great look into the positives and negatives of our interconnected lives, a story told from the perspective of a teen who deals with an anxiety disorder, and a heartfelt look at true friendship and love.