Sad to see the Olympics come and go so quickly? Amazon Prime has you covered with their new show, “The Kicks,” based on the books by soccer superstar and Olympian Alex Morgan! Newcomer Sixx Orange plays soccer star Devin, who gets uprooted from her team and school to move to California with her family. Once she moves, Devin quickly discovers that her new soccer team desperately needs help as they continue to lose their games. The show follows Devin and her teammates through their ups and downs as they figure out how to work together and dominate on and off the field.

We sat down with Sixx recently to get to know her better and find out more about her role as Devin. Not only does Sixx have amazing soccer skills IRL, but she can relate to Devin on so many levels, as she left her home on the East Coast to come to California. Find out more about Sixx and the crazy parallels between Devin and herself in the video above!

And don’t forget to tune into Season 1 of “The Kicks” on Amazon Prime on 8/26!