Back in 2013, author Tonya Kuper had the general idea for the plot of a new book series, and she knew her main character needed to pop off the page. She liked to find actors/public figures to base her characters on because it helped her visualize what those characters looked like, how they would move, the inflection in their voice, and so on. Her main character, Josie Harper, was a scifi nerd and brainiac, who is strong in a multitude of ways, but also cautious and sensitive. She was also a red head.

So Tonya searched online for something like “red head female celebrities.”  She stopped on the picture of Katherine McNamara, a face she recognized (as a mom) from the Disney Channel movie Girl vs. Monster and the Disney Channel show Jessie. She clicked on Katherine’s photo to learn more about her and discovered that Kat had appeared on Broadway when she was 13, graduated high school at the age of 14 and earned a bachelor’s degree when she was 17. (Wait, what? Did you know all this about our Clary?) OK, so Tonya Kuper knew Kat looked like the character in her head, plus was wicked smart and driven. She has found her inspiration for Josie and started on first book ANOMALY, of the Schrodinger’s Consortium duology.

When Kat McNamara later read an article about the series in USA Today, she was so flattered to be the inspiration that she reached out to Tonya Kuper.  They’ve stayed in touch ever since! And how cute is this post from Kat’s insta? 😍


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Josie is a physics genius and sci fi nerd to the core who meets a dude on a motorcycle, Reid, with the same tattoo as her dead older brother. Come to find out, Josie and Reid belong to a tiny race who can alter reality through the act of observation. The forefather of quantum physics, Schrodinger, was on to something after all! Josie has to learn how to use these new abilities in a week in order to help keep her secret race safe from an organization, Schrodinger’s Consortium, that wants those like her dead. By taking on this task, she has officially joined The Resistance, a group of freedom fighters, and will undoubtedly be putting her life on the line.

There is action, romance, and loads of scifi goodness. Josie is an unapologetic nerd who proves that a girl can be feminine, fierce, and nerdy simultaneously. This story also deals with family issues, self-confidence, and what “power” means.  BUY IT HERE


Enigma picks up three days after Anomaly, with Josie and Reid on their way to the Resistance Hub’s secret location. They have to find out who the mole was inside the Hub that compromised Reid and Josie’s mission. In order to do that though, Josie will have to use herself as bait. It releases July 3rd!  BUY IT HERE