fall scavenger hunt
Cooler weather has arrived and that’s reason to celebrate! Whether you’re seeking inspiration for a post-homecoming party or just looking for an excuse to get your friends together for a festive fall bash we’ve gotcha covered. A scavenger hunt is a fun idea that will keep your friends entertained for hours. We’ve created a list of some spooky and fall-inspired scavenger hunt items.

Here’s how it works: divide into teams, give each team a flashlight, a camera or cell phone to snap pics, and the list – the team that comes back with the most items after an hour wins!

Giant pinecone (the team that finds the biggest wins the point!)
Orange leaf
Picture of a scarecrow
Ear of corn
Pumpkin seeds
Something orange (besides a pumpkin)
Picture of a house that looks haunted
Black nail polish
Plastic spider
Anything with the number 13 on it
Picture of someone on your team wrapped up like a mummy
Picture of a black cat
Picture of a house with tombstones in the yard
Chocolate bar
A November calendar
Candy corn
A mask
A garlic clove
A handwritten recipe for pumpkin pie
DVD of a scary movie
Cinnamon stick
For more tips on throwing a perfect fall bash, grab the October/November issue of Justine!