Imagine: You’re trapped on an island for 14 years in complete darkness with two other teenagers. Your parents are gone, you’ve never seen darkness until now and you’re stuck. Scared yet? Well that’s what happens in the new book Nightfall, the co-creation of investigative journalist Jake Halpern and US Diplomat Peter Kujawinski. The spooky thriller couldn’t have come at a better time than now, when Halloween is lurking around the corner. We dare you to read it at night with only your bedside lamp on!

Hear a brief synopsis from the authors themselves, and find out what inspired them. 


If you’ve read their previous series, Dormia, you know that it’s set around what happens at night while you’re sleeping. (Creepy!) What’s with these two and their fascination with nighttime?! We found out, along with their original ending for the book, movie news and what’s next!