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We recently got the chance to chat with Spencer Sutherland, the man behind the hit single “Heartstrings,” and his friendly, goofy manner made us LOL at some points! He opened up about the story behind “Heartstrings,” the long road to stardom, and even teased us about a little surprise he has in store just for his fans.

We love your single “Heartstrings.” Can you tell us a little about the song?
“Heartstrings” is my debut single and it tells a true story of somebody who’s seemingly hot and cold, and it drives you nuts! It’s something that everyone who has been in a relationship has experienced! It’s so frustrating because you’re left wondering where you stand.

How did you get your start writing and playing music?
Ever since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to sing! In high school I would perform at all kinds of local restaurants. Then right after I graduated I got an awesome opportunity to audition for a woman who is now my manager, and she took a chance on me and let me open for Big Time Rush in front of 20,000 people! Seriously one of the craziest days of my life. Now I’m traveling the country and have my own music on the radio?! Just a dream come true.

Who would be your dream musical collaboration?
Taylor Swift would be amazing to write with. I think it would be interesting for her to write from a girl’s perpective and me to write from the guy’s perspective— cool juxtaposition. I would also love the opportunity to work with Pharrell, Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran.

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Do you have any funny or embarrassing stories from on stage or on the road?
Oh, yeah! The best was probably in Atlanta; we wanted Chipotle so we walked a mile to get it. We thought we could find a shorter way back to the venue, so we cut through the woods. When we got to the tree line, we looked down and saw the venue, but the only problem was it was a 100-foot drop. We had to basically scale a straight drop to get back on time, but we made it. (Chipotle and all!)

We are anxiously awaiting the release of an EP or debut album! Can you let us in on anything we can expect in the future?
There’s no exact release date on an EP, but for sure soon! I’ve been in the studio and currently making new music that I can’t wait to share with everyone. I’m planning something rather unusual to share with my fans, so just check out my Facebook and Twitter (@spencermusic1) for an announcement!