Hey fellow Dessen fanatics! So, you think you know Sarah? Take our quiz and find out!


1.      What was Sarah Dessen’s job before she become an author?
a.      Baker
b.      Waitress
c.      Dog groomer
d.      Sales person

2.      What is Sarah’s middle name?
a.      Elizabeth
b.      Grace
c.      Caroline
d.      Marie

3.      Where did she grow up?
a.      Nashville, TN
b.      San Fransico, CA
c.      Houston, TX
d.      Chapel Hill, NC

4.      Which of the following is NOT one of her favorite TV shows?
a.      Modern Family
b.      Downtown Abbey
c.      Grey’s Anatomy
d.      Revenge

5.      Did Sarah Dessen love high school?
a.      Yes
b.      No

6.      She said she loves all her books as a reflection of where she was when she wrote them, but which one does she feel particularly strong about?
a.      Along For the Ride
b.      This Lullaby
c.      The Moon and More
d.      Just Listen

7.      Which of the following was the hardest book for her to write?
a.      The Truth About Forever
b.      Lock and Key
c.      Just Listen
d.      What Happened to Goodbye

8.      When did she start writing?
a.      Middle school
b.      High school
c.      College
d.      After college

9.      Who is her celeb crush?
a.      Channing Tatum
b.      Robert Pattinson
c.      Brad Pitt
d.      Ryan Gosling

10.    Which author does she share the most reader crossover with?
a.      Nicholas Sparks
b.      Katie McGarry
c.      Sara Zarr
d.      Suzanne Collins


Correct answers: 1. B   2. A   3. D   4. D   5. B   6. B   7. C   8. C   9. D   10. A