The whole world has changed since Mom and Dad dated back in the Stone Age. We’ve gotcha covered with an up-to-the-minute list of do’s and don’ts for relationships in the era of instant communication. Read on to get the scoop on texting and when to say when on social media.

Don’t text back immediately. Wait at least a few hours to respond to his first text, and at least 30 minutes after that for all other texts. You don’t need to keep a stopwatch by your phone and respond exactly 32 minutes and 17 seconds later though; just ballpark it. Half an hour later respond with a short text that answers his question, but don’t necessarily ask one of your own.

Don’t answer texts after midnight. Nothing good happens after midnight. Let’s repeat that. Nothing good happens after midnight. Whatever he asked you can wait until the morning. If his text is asking whether or not you’re awake, ignore it. It’s none of his business if you’re awake or asleep or out at the midnight showing of a movie. Once more, nothing good happens after midnight.

Get the picture. Be conscious of when he’s not really interested or when you need to give him some space. Texting a guy 20 times a day without him responding is not a great idea. If you text him and he doesn’t answer, try again in a week. Then if he doesn’t answer that, move on.

Everything in moderation! Be careful not to overdo the social media interaction. Remember, when you write on a boy’s wall repeatedly you might as well be broadcasting to the world, “I like this guy!” It intimidates boys when girls come on too strong, so play it cool and subtly indicate to him that you’re interested. A little playing hard-to-get never hurts.