Hey, it’s Kristin! Have you ever wondered what it’s really like to be on the red carpet in Hollywood? I had a blast recently at the premiere of the Disney Channel Original Movie Bad Hair Day! Come along with me and get the inside Justine scoop from start to finish!

BHD poster_0

5 pm I arrive at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, CA, early, as traffic can be a nightmare in LA and I would rather be early than late! 🙂

5:30 pm Media check-in begins and I find Justine’s spot on the red carpet. Lots of photographers, reporters and PR reps are bustling around.

6 pm The red carpet is open!


6:15 pm Co-star Leigh-Allyn Baker [Good Luck Charlie] arrives and looks phenomenal!! Way to rock a jumper, Leigh! Since she’s the first one here, she gets extra time chatting with everyone on the red carpet . . . and pretty much everything she says is hilarious. [Fun fact: Leigh-Allyn is also one of the film’s producers!]


6:30 pm Lots of stars on the red carpet, including Sabrina Carpenter [Girl Meets World]. Love her super-cute nails!

6:45 pm So much excitement! Here comes BHD star Laura Marano sporting a laid-back, classic look, followed by the Austin and Ally cast rocking matching shirts that spell out “Bad Hair Day!” Everyone’s scrambling to get a photo!

7 pm I get a quick pic of Ross, Raini and Calum before they are rushed into the theatre—it’s almost time for the movie to start!

Laura w AA cast

7:15 pm Just before the film rolls Laura takes a minute to chat with me. I snap a quick pic of her in her chic outfit and a short video.

7:20 pm Everyone grabs some popcorn and heads into the theater. Excitement!

7:35 pm Laura arrives and the producer stands up to welcome and thank everyone. Tons of cheers and applause. So fun that Laura and Leigh are watching with us!

7:40 pm OMG, I’m sitting next to the producer! Lights go down, music stops and Bad Hair Day begins! Huge cheers when the names of the cast and crew pop on the screen.

8:15 pm The crowd is loving the movie. Laura and Leigh are so funny together! The producer next to me smiles and looks around every time he hears a laugh.

9:10 pm BHD ends to thunderous applause! Wow, what a great movie—funny, adventurous, sweet—definitely one my new favorites!


9:15 pm Lights go up and as we leave the theater I hear, “That was so well done!” “What a great movie!” and “So funny!” over and over.

9:20 pm I congratulate Leigh—she killed it! Laura comes out and I tell her she was amazing. She gives me a big hug and thanks me for coming!

That’s all from the red carpet . . . I really loved Bad Hair Day and you will, too! Catch it on Disney Channel starting Friday, February 13 at 8/7c!