kissing ted callahan amy spaulding

We fell hard for cute romance KISSING TED CALLAHAN (and Other Guys)! In the book, Riley and Reid become painfully aware of the lack of romance in their lives, so they make a pact to make something happen with their respective crushes (and then they document it in their shared notebook!). The entire time they were working on their crushes, we were wondering who OUR crush/first kiss should be.

So, take our quiz to discover who YOUR first kiss should be

1. What feature do you find most attractive?

a. An awesome smile

b. Long rocker hair

c.  Full lips

d.  Beautiful eyes

e. A great personality

2. What would you want to do on your first date?

a. See your favorite band in concert

b. Go stargazing

c. Cheer on your favorite basketball team at a game

d. Chat it up at a coffee shop

e. Go on a hike

3. What kind of pictures does he post on Instagram?

a. #TBTs to his favorite pictures from school

b. Photos of his favorite athletes or sports teams

c. Photos from the latest concert he’s attended

d. Pictures of his trip to the lake or mountains

e. A selfie in his new pair of glasses

4. When you see your crush in the hallway at school, you:

a. Walk up and start chatting with him about the recent football game

b. Ask him for help in one of your classes

c. Walk past and hope he comes up and talks to you

d. Leave a flirty note in his locker after he walks away

e. Ask him to go on an adventure with you this weekend

5. You might help your friend solve her relationship problems by

a. Helping her write a song or poem about her ex

b. Introducing her to a new hottie at school

c. Listening to her vent and giving her some advice

d. Going for a walk with her to let her clear her head

e. Surprising her with a new movie she’s never seen and a mix tape you made

6. What do you look for in a boyfriend?

a. Someone willing to explore new places with you

b. Someone you can talk to constantly

c. Someone who will teach you new things

d. Someone to share your love of music with

e. Someone you can watch and play sports with

7. Your #1 go-to outfit is:

a. Your cool leather moto jacket

b. Whatever no one else has

c. Leggings and your new work-out tank

d. Your comfy outdoor sandals

e. A casual dress that you can just throw on

8. What’s your ideal prom-posal?

a. Your crush just asking you without doing anything cheesy

b. A guy writing a song for you and then asking you to prom

c. Someone slipping your favorite book in your locker with a note on it that says “Prom?”

d. Getting asked over the announcements by your crush

e. Receiving a bouquet of flowers with a card asking you to prom

9. Who’s your celeb crush?

a. Jordan Spieth

b. Ansel Elgort

c. Nat Wolff

d. Harry Styles

e. Ross Lynch

10. If you won the lottery, what would you spend your money on?

a. A signed copy of your fav book

b. Front row tickets to your favorite sporting event

c. Backstage passes to see your favorite band in concert

d. Traveling the world

e. A vintage record player and an endless collection of vinyls


So, who is your FIRST KISS? 

ROCKERMost As – A boho rocker! Your perfect first kiss is a long-haired rock star like Ted Callahan (or Harry Styles)! You’re into the edgy, cool guys with musical talent that will sweep you off your feet.

IntellectualMostly Bs – Intellectual! Your ideal guy is a cute nerd who is super smart like Garrick. He might be a little under the radar and into the books, but he’s right there waiting for your first kiss!

JocksMost Cs – The Jock! Your first kiss should be with an athlete. You can bond over your mutual love for all kinds of sports. He’s amazingly cute and has a smile that makes your heart melt. What a perfect first kiss!

HipsterMostly Ds – A Hipster! You don’t want to have a typical or cliché first kiss, so a hipster is the perfect person for you! He will make it super special and different and, of course, he’ll have some new tunes spinning in the background.

Outdoors guyMostly Es – An outdoorsy guy! You love being outside in nature, so your first kiss should be with someone who loves the outdoors as much as you. He’ll take you on a hike to somewhere beautiful and make your first kiss special!