We fell hard for the high drama and intrigue in historical fantasy Legacy of Kings! There are so many incredible characters and each is so unique.

Take our quiz to discover which one of the three girl-power characters YOU’RE most like and discover the dream cast selected by author Eleanor Herman!

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In your close group of girl friends, you’re most like…

1. the total tomboy! You don’t mind breaking a nail every now and then.

2. the feminist! You’re independent and can handle things on your own.

3. the romantic! You tend to hold people to high ideals and you love love!

 You like people who are…

1. smart – someone who can make their own decisions.

2. powerful – people who can change an entire society!

3. caring – someone who will look out for even the smallest of beings.

Your favorite movie is…

1. Divergent, because you can stick to your decisions like Tris.

2. The Hunger Games, because who doesn’t love the fearless Katniss?

3. Cinderella, there’s nothing more romantic than a classic princess movie!

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Your biggest turn-off in a guy is…

1. bragging. I don’t care how many medals or awards you have.

2. weakness. My guy should never be afraid of anything!

3. a cold heart. How could any romance start with someone who’s mean?

Who do you look up to?

1. Mom – there’s no greater model anywhere!

2. WWE Divas – powerful warrior women who are confident in who they are!

3. Your boyfriend – no one is more admirable than this cutie!

What’s your favorite happy ending?

1. Seeing justice delivered! And, of course, seeing evil get dominated.

2. Taking power back from the wrong hands…watch out, President Snow!   

3. Finally realizing it’s True Love…followed by the best kiss ever.

 Which poster is most likely to be hanging on your wall or in your locker?

1. Revenge is sweet.           

2. Think big goals and win big successes.

3. Love conquers all.

What would you wear on a date?

1. Something practical but stylish like a top paired with a gorgeous skirt

2. Your style is totally basic – jeans and a no-nonsense shirt 

3. Definitely all out and adorable – a pretty, form-fitting dress

Your favorite character on Teen Wolf is…

1. Lydia → a true beauty with an amazing IQ

2. Kira → a powerful girl who can hold her own!

3. Malia → You’ll look out for anyone close to you!

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Now tally which number you picked most often to see which character you’re most like and which actor author Eleanor Herman selected for each character as her dream cast!

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Mostly 1’s – Kat (Emma Watson) You’re athletic and can keep up with any guy! Your family is very important to you and you love gifts that come from the heart. Clever, loyal and pretty, it’s no wonder all the guys are after you! But be cautious: your intense loyalty could push you into seeking revenge on those who hurt you or hurt the ones you love.

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Mostly 2’s – Princess Cyn  (Caitlin Stasey) – You’re a feminist at heart with a wild side and you love to play tricks. You’re ambitious and have the poise that comes with being a princess, but your style is basic – you like your clothes to be serviceable.  Because you’re smart and a leader you have influence, so be careful to use it wisely and not to become a mean girl!

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Mostly 3’s – Princess Zo (Shay Mitchell)  – You’re a total romantic and would sacrifice anything for true love! Because you have such a warm heart, you’re the one your friends turn to when they’re hurt or in a tight situation. But watch out, your romantic heart can make you leap before you look so remember to consult your head, not only your heart before you make important decisions.


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