Abnegation, Erudite, Dauntless, Candor or Amity… which Divergent faction would you belong to?

1. What is your favorite attribute about yourself?
A) Your honesty
B) Your fearlessness
C) Your intelligence
D) Your kindness
E) Your selflessness

2. What would you rather do?
A) Help your friend out with a problem
B) Go mountain climbing
C) Study for an upcoming test
D) Make new friends
E) Volunteer at a non-profit

3. Your friend is having problems with a boy she’s been dating. How do you help her?
A) By telling her the honest truth and hoping it doesn’t hurt her
B) By offering to talk to the boy for her
C) By trying to make her see sense using facts
D) By just being there for her
E) By dropping everything to come to her aid

4. You see a puppy walking out in the middle of a busy street—what do you do?
A) You figure that the puppy doesn’t stand a chance in traffic
B) You leave it there. You could get seriously hurt if you try to save it
C) You devise a plan to get the dog out without either of you getting hurt
D) You coax the pup over and comfort it when it comes
E) You think of the dog before your safety and risk getting hurt to save it

5. When you are faced with a difficult problem, you react by
A) Debating the issue with your friends
B) Facing it head on. For you there is no other way.
C) Making a list of pros and cons, then choosing the option that the evidence supports
D) Creating a work of art that expresses your feelings about the situation
E) Doing whatever will be the best thing for the greatest number of people

6. When choosing your outfit for the day, you select
A) Something that’s simple but expresses your personality
B) Whatever will attract the most attention
C) Something that will not distract you or inhibit you from what you have to do that day
D) Something comfortable but interesting to look at
E) Whatever is understated and will attract the least amount of attention

7. What would you say is your highest priority right now?
A) Seeking truth in all things
B) Trying new things
C) Getting top grades in school
D) Making as many friends as you can
E) Serving those around you

8. Which profession would you choose for yourself?
A) Judge
B) Firefighter
C) Scientist
D) Farmer
E) Humanitarian

Mostly A’s: Your faction is Candor! Honesty is the best policy and you will go out of your way to make sure that your life reflects it. To you, no relationship or situation should receive a more honest approach than another—your friends know this and always come to you when they need someone to “tell it like it is.”

Mostly B’s: Your faction is Dauntless! You’re fearless and, whether you realize it or not, a bit intimidating. Not only are you willing to try anything, you’re always the first one and you dive in head first.

Mostly C’s: Your faction is Erudite! Your natural intelligence makes you a standout in the classroom, but also comes into play when you’re making decisions in other areas as well. You are very focused with superior problem solving skills.

Mostly D’s: Your faction is Amity! You see the glass as half full and your cheerful outlook on life is contagious. You’re a happy-go-lucky girl and you always see the good in others.

Mostly E’s: Your faction is Abnegation! Putting others before yourself is a must, and you’re willing to sacrifice a lot to make that happen. If given the choice between doing something that makes you happy or doing something that makes others happy, you tend to opt for the latter, and that’s what ultimately brings you happiness.