1. Which adjectives best describe your personality?
A) Energetic and active
B) Creative
C) Quiet and independent

2. What is your biggest pet peeve?
A) Being quiet for an extended period of time
B) Having to follow strict rules
C) When people raise their voices without a cause

3. You value people who…
A) Are enthusiastic about what they do
B) Think outside the box
C) Are wise and insightful

4. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
A) Ability to fly
B) Time travel
C) Invisibility

5. What is your typical style choice?

A) Shorts and a tee
B) Whatever I want to throw together
C) Modest clothing

6. What is your activity level?
A) I work out all the time
B) When I get around to it
C) Little to none

7. What do you want in a job?
A) Anything but a cubicle
B) A position where I can do something different every day
C) A quiet environment where I can take on my own projects

Mostly A’s: You need an active lifestyle to keep you interested, but you don’t like solitude. Instead of running alone or going to the gym, try group exercise classes like Zumba. Or join a club where you can be passionate. Check out debate club for an exciting experience and the opportunity to voice your views.

Mostly B’s: As a creative person, you don’t like to be fenced in by just one activity. News reporting offers an exciting and creative environment where there’s a different story every day! Join your school’s newspaper staff or intern with a local TV or radio station.

Mostly C’s: You like to focus internally. Try an activity where you can develop your own skills, like journaling or blogging. Sites like blogspot and blogger offer free blogging services. It’s often easier to process your thoughts by writing them down as opposed to speaking them. Or, if you’re not so keen about writing, volunteer at a local animal shelter or read to the elderly.