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Fall is in the air and denim is bigger than ever this year, so take this quiz and find out which trend is for you!

1. You find yourself stuck at home on a Friday night. You…
A) Grab a ball and head to the basketball court for some extra practice
B) Make some popcorn and curl up with your favorite movie
C) Get ahead on some homework with the help of a writing service —you don’t want to get too exhausted with a weekend ahead of you, right!

2. Your favorite thing about going back to school is…
A) Fall tryouts—I love getting back in the game with all my friends
B) Seeing all my friends again after the long break!
C) Classes, of course—new teachers and new challenges

3. One thing you can’t live without during a school day is…
A) My sports gear—after school practice consumes my life
B) The latest celebrity magazine. I love catching up on Hollywood gossip
C) My laptop with all of my notes!

4. Your dream Fall Break vacation would be…
A) Taking a road trip with my friends to see my favorite football team play
B) New York. I love the city and staying out all day touring
C) London—so many museums and historical landmarks

5. It’s the first day of school. What is your go-to outfit?
A) My usual, a comfy t-shirt and whatever pants I find to match
B) My favorite sundress with some cute fall booties
C) A pencil skirt and flats

6. Your boy crush at school is…
A) The cutest guy on the soccer team
B) Always in the art room or outside playing the guitar
C) My lab partner

7. Who is your celebrity idol?
A) Gabby Douglas—she is a gold medalist and a role model
B) Emma Stone—she always has the best roles and a great sense of humor
C) Taylor Swift—she is passionate and makes her own mark on Hollywood

8. You’re called to the principal’s office. You most likely…
A) stayed past gym hours playing with your friends
B) are working on a community service project that needs approval
C) are receiving an honor or award

Mostly A’s
Your jean trend is skinny jeans! These are perfect for your fall wardrobe and will make your everyday jeans and t-shirt look classic and put together. You are a laid-back person and we can see that through your personal style. Here are a few of our faves…

denim skinnies

1. Forever 21 $16
2. H&M $40
3. Forever 21 $13

Mostly B’s
Your denim trend is the jean vest! Spice up any dress or layered look with a cropped jean vest. It pulls together any outfit and can be accented with lace or even polka dots! You are fun and carefree and your friends look to you to set the mood for the school year.

denim vests

1. Forever 21 $25
2. Wet Seal $27
3. Forever 21 $25

denim shirts

Mostly C’s
Your best look is the classic jean shirt. From collared tanks to printed long sleeves, there are many ways to rock the style, while also staying true to your classy roots. You are the head of the class, but don’t sacrifice style to earn the grade.

1. Forever 21 $23
2. H&M $25
3. H&M $35