nail polishj
There’s nothing like a fresh coat of polish on your nails to make a girl feel just a little more glamorous. Do you know what your signature colors are?

1. When you get home from school, you’re most likely to be found..
a) listening to your favorite playlist
b) exploring some nearby trails
c) walking your dog with a few neighborhood friends
d) getting comfy with your fave book… Jane Austen never gets old!

2. During class, you can’t stop daydreaming about…
a) your favorite band’s concert next weekend
b) backpacking around the world—it’s number one on your bucket list
c) the girls’ night sleepover with your BFFs Friday
d) the inspiration for your next painting

3. On the weekends, you’re most likely to be seen wearing…
a) worn-in jeans with your favorite band tee
b) sundress and sandals—sweet and simple
c) whatever matches your pick accessory of the day!
d) sweats, tee shirts, athletic shorts…comfort is key.

4. Your friends would best describe you as…
a) rebelious
b) adventurous
c) friendly
d) thoughtful

5. What is your dream pup?
a) Alaskan Husky—rare and beautiful
b) Great Dane—gentle giant
c) Lab—active and loyal
d) I’m more of a cat person.

6. What’s your favorite app?
a) Spotify
b) Instagram
c) Facebook
d) Kindle

7. Your dream summer vacation is…
a) anywhere on the California coast—a thriving music scene and a chance to let your hair down
b) South America—an unmatched outdoors scene complete with ultimate hiking opportunities
c) A trip to the lake! Water skiing comes as naturally to you as walking.
d) A cabin, a porch and a rocking chair. All the essentials!

Mostly A’s: Your style and and personality may be best described as A-punk. You’re a little bit edgy and nothing quite conveys your innermost thoughts like your favorite song. Try some off-the-beaten-path colors to show the world that you’re not the average girl! We suggest: Plugged in Plum (OPI), Go Overboard (Essie) and Ski Teal We Drop (OPI).

nail polish quiz a

Mostly B’s: Hello, granola girl! You love the great outdoors and enjoying the simple things in life, so why not let your nails reflect your innate ability to play it cool? We suggest: Minimalistic (Essie), Barre My Soul (OPI) and Au Natural (OPI).

nail polish quiz b

Mostly C’s: You’re the definition of All-American girl next door. You’ve never known a stranger or a day without living life to the fullest. You’ve got big dreams and your nail polish palette shows that you’re not afraid to dive in head first or show off your fun side! We suggest: A Definite Moust-Have (OPI), Play Date (Essie) and Fly (OPI).

nail polish quiz c

Mostly D’s: You’re quite the introvert, but just because you would rather keep to yourself doesn’t mean that you don’t know how to enjoy your time. Kick back, relax and give your nails a fresh coat with something as calming and sweet as you! We suggest: Borrowed and Blue (Essie), Care to Danse? (OPI) and Cascade Cool (Essie).

nail polish quiz d