exercise quiz bike
What do your likes and dislikes have to say about your recommended exercise? Find out with this quiz!

1. When you think about exercising, you hate the idea of…
A) sweating…gross!
B) moving from your comfy spot on the sofa.
C) nothing—you LOVE the idea of exercising!

2. If you could visit anywhere in the world, you would choose…
A) The Cayman Islands—sun and water for days!
B) Australia—gotta love those charming accents!
C) Mount Everest—the ultimate thrill.

3. Your hair is the easiest to manage and looks its best when it’s…
A) wet.
B) Who, me? My hair looks good all the time!
C) completely dry.

4. Your favorite color is…
A) sky blue
B) hot pink
C) mint green

5. You are a(n)…
A) early riser
B) night owl
C) neither—I can be productive whenever I need to be.

6. When you don’t exercise, you feel…
A) a little bit like a failure and like you’ve let the day pass you by.
B) perfectly content.
C) bored and tired—nothing can get you out of your funk.

7. You’re most likely to be caught in what type of shoe?
A) none— barefoot is better!
B) high heels, of course!
C) my trusty, comfy sneaks.

8. Your go-to hairstyle is…
A) up— I don’t even try to deal with it!
B) down and perfectly straightened.
C) depends on the day—I like to keep my classmates guessing!

Mostly A’s: Looks like you just might be a swimmer. Swimmers hate to sweat, like to exercise, love the water, and are experts at pulling off the “wet hair” look. You like to have fun, make new friends and love a challenge! Even if you’re not in the pool swimming laps, a day on the open water kayaking or playing water sports may be fun alternatives!

Mostly B’s: So maybe exercise is not your “thing” — that’s ok! You would prefer to eat more healthily and keep workouts to a minimum. You would, however, thoroughly enjoy playing a friendly game of volleyball with your friends! You are a social butterfly and love to have fun, but you’re somewhat timid when it comes to getting sweaty and dirty. Need a little alone time every now and then? Try something calm and relaxing like yoga!

Mostly C’s: You are a natural-born runner! Adventurous and spirited, you always want to try new activities and you’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd and do your own thing. You would choose sneakers over heels any day! Along with running you might want to try a different form of cardio like biking to keep things interesting.