Halloween is fast-approaching, and that means the countdown is on to see who has the best costume. Even cover girl Madison Pettis has her eyes on the ultimate costume this year, and the best part is, it’s a group costume! Hear what she’s planning and then take the quiz to find out who you and your squad should be stepping out as this year…

On Halloween night, you can be found…
A) Winning a costume contest with your homemade masterpiece
B) Staying out all night trick or treating (never too old, right?)
C) Hitting up the party everyone’s been talking about
D) Having a scary movie-thon with your besties

You and your girls are finally putting those Pinterest recipes to use. What are you making?
A)  Super, extra, crazy chocolatey cookies from scratch
B)  Pizza! Everyone chooses their own toppings.
C) Us? Cook? Yeah right. We’re going out or going hungry!
D) A little bit of everything. We each have our specialty!

At the party, you and your friends are the ones…
A) Hogging the karaoke machine
B) Doing a little taste testing in the kitchen, of course
C) Mixing and mingling with the cute guys
D) Hanging on the back porch where we can actually have a conversation

When it comes to campus life, you and your friends are known as…
A) The Student Council reps—it’s the best way to get involved and be a friend!
B) The artsy ones—our creativity is not easily overlooked!
C) The social butterflies—we know pretty much everyone and people love us.
D) The bookies—we’re all English nerds and fangirl over the weirdest things.

Your best friend is totally crushing on a guy. How do you deal?
A) Stalk his social media and make sure he’s good enough for her
B) Sneakily bringing them together without them knowing
C) Make sure their party schedules align for maximum flirting opportunities
D) Watch their love from the sidelines and fangirl each time they talk

If you had to assign your friendship a nail color, it would be… 
A) Red and glittery—we’re all about the glam!
B) Purple—statements are our thing
C) Light blue—the essence of sophistication
D) Black—cute, but intimidating

Your go-to accessory is… 
A) My personalized necklace
B) Anything vintage
C) Anything pink and furry
D) My black combat boots

During lunch time, you can be found…
A) At club meetings—no time for a break!
B) In the art room
C) Surrounded by the crew in our usual spot
D) In the library

Your friends would describe you as… 
A) Outgoing
B) Adventurous
C) Social
D) Reserved

If you and you and your friends could live anywhere else together, it would be… 
A) England
B) Los Angeles
C) Paris
D) Australia


Mostly As: Spice Girls! If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends… and you and your friends are totally on the same page as Madison with this one! Your group likes to have fun and get creative. Use these qualities to channel your inner Posh, Baby, Scary, Sporty and Ginger and get ready for the best Halloween yet!

Mostly Bs: Mystery Machine Gang! If you and your friends really want to go all out this year, the Scooby Doo gang is for you! You’re down to have fun, and if that means bringing an old-school goodie to life, you’re up for the challenge. Have fun, you meddling kids!

Mostly Cs : The Chanels from Scream Queens! Halloween is the perfect time to let your love for trends and all things matchy-matchy boil over the top. Pile on the pink and let your inner glam girl shine. And remember, it’s Chanel-O-Ween night, so make sure you dress to impress.

Mostly Ds: Shadowhunters! Blend in with the night in your dark, tough-girl look, Runes and all. Halloween is the perfect time to bring this epic book series to life. Spend the night mysteriously lurking with your crew, keeping an eye out for danger and looking cool and confident all the while.