Think you know your Fosters trivia? Check your knowledge with this quiz and then tune in to tonight’s season finale on ABC Family at 9/8c!

1. Brandon is the biological child of…

a) Lena and Mike
b) Stef and Mike
c) Lena and an unknown father
d) Stef and an unknown father

2. Who was blamed for selling the ADD medication at school?
a) Mariana
b) Jesus
c) Callie
d) Callie, then Jesus

3. Which of the following kids does not live in the Fosters’ house?
a) Talya
b) Brandon
c) Jesus
d) Callie

4. What did Callie write about in her journal?

a) her relationship with Jude
b) her feelings for Brandon
c) Liam
d) Talya

5. Who actually read Callie’s journal?
a) Mariana
b) Stef and Lena
c) Talya
d) Jude

6. Which of the twins is in contact with their birth mother?
a) Jesus
b) Mariana
c) neither
d) both

Answers: 1b, 2d, 3a, 4c, 5c, 6b

Number correct:
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5-6: Super fan status! You’ve seen every episode so far and you’ve been lookiing forward to the season finale for quite some time now!