1. What would you wear for a mall day with your girls?

A) Girly sundress with some sweet sandals.
B) Slouchy tee with some skinnies!
C) My favorite band t-shirt with some rockin’ combat boots.
D) Bold, bright colors. I’m always trying to make a statement!

2. How would your best guy friends describe you?

A) Huge flirt
B) Laid-back, one of the bros
C) Rebellious and mysterious
D) Life of the party

3. What kind of movie are you most likely to see?

A) Chick Flick
B) Light Comedy
C) Action Movie
D) Anything in 3-D

4. What do you do to stay active?

A) I’m a gymnast. I love the feeling of landing a new stunt.
B) Anything that involves a ball, I’m in.
C) Hiking, biking, swimming, anything outdoors.
D) Workout classes with all of my friends!

What is your favorite summer hang out?

A) The pool — gotta work on my tan.
B) A bookstore or coffee shop, somewhere I can think.
C) The local music venue.
D) Theme park!


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