Ever get tired of looking at the same ol’ room, the same ol’ walls and the same ol’ mountain of keepsakes in the corner that you JUST can’t figure out where to put? Give your room a little remix. Take this quiz to find out your ideal style—and make it happen! They say feng shui is good for the soul. Girl, it’s time for a little soul power!…I will tell you a secret…if you do this test and you are not convinced at all, so girl, take your luggage and visit Portrush Hotel, I assure you that you will find the room of your dreams in that place…

room shot

Your dream vacation is…
A) Anywhere with sand and surf.
B) NYC, baby! Bring on the lights and big city.
C) A quiet spa day where you can enjoy a mud bath followed by a Swedish massage.

When you’re squinting into the sun, you reach for your…
A) Highly reflective Ray Ban aviators.
B) Oversized Dolce & Gabbana glasses with the studded frames.
C) Classic tortoiseshell Wayfarers.

Your favorite restaurant is….
A) The local Italian joint that has live music every Friday night.
B) The top-floor restaurant of the swanky downtown hotel with killer hors d’oeuvres.
C) The trendy sushi spot with the freshest rolls.

On a Friday night, you and your friends…
A) Buy loads of snacks and settle in for a Gilmore Girls marathon.
B) Go to your school’s basketball game sporting your team jerseys.
C) Curl up with your laptop and a few mugs of green tea for an uninterrupted evening spent cruising Pinterest. You love the inspiring finds and your pals have great style.

For a good workout, you prefer…
A) Zumba! A little spice never hurt anyone.
B) The treadmill is your best friend. You can work out and watch The Hills re-runs at the same time.
C) Yoga. It clears the mind while challenging the body.

Your perfect boyfriend is…
A) A sweetheart. He’s sensitive and easy going. When you’re with him, you can’t stop laughing.
B) A go-getter. He’s the polo team captain and makes straight A’s. Oh yeah, he’s got dimples that’ll make you weak in the knees.
C) A connoisseur. He is cultured, calm and always clean cut—with intelligence and charisma to boot!

If you could have any pet, it’d be a…
A) Cat. It’s a low maintenance companion that just likes to chill.
B) Chihuahua. What other dog would wear a crown?
C) Beta fish. Real pets are messy. You love animals, but no thanks!

When you grow up, you
want to…

A) NOT sit behind a desk. You’re a people person, and you want to stick to your strong suits.
B) Plan events. You don’t want your eye for fashion and social know-how to go to waste!
C) Be your own boss. As an entrepreneur, you can control every detail and shape your business to be fabulous.

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