social media

Are you social media obsessed? You might be surprised by your results!

1. You get a notification that a pic has been added of you on Faceook. Your first thought is…

A) Swipe the notification just to get it to go away— I’ll look when I have time.
B) Look at it and laugh, then set it aside.
C) Open it ASAP, only to be horrified that you’re wearing the same thing you were just a few pics back!

2. Photo op with your BFFs at your favorite concert! You…
A) Say cheese and thank you! Back to the music…
B) Look at the pic and Instagram it— you already know your fav filter so it won’t take long!
C) Pose for pics until you get the perfect shot. Only then can you Instagram it.. and tweet it… and Facebook it.

3. What gets you through your most dreaded class?

A) Taking notes! Keeps me stimulated.
B) A little quiet conversation with my neighbors between assignments.
C) Slipping my phone out every now and then just to make sure there’s no breaking news on the Twitter front.

4. You’ve gotten all kinds of Twitter love on your birthday. What’s your response?
A) Send out a general tweet at the end of the day thanking your tweeps.
B) Favorite each of them— you want them to know you saw it.
C) Retweet each of them and add your own dialogue.

5. How many Facebook albums do you have?
A) Two—profile pics and mobile uploads.
B) 5-10.
C) 11+ I want to give everyone plenty of opportunities to comment!

6. At what point do you cut off social media use on a daily basis?
A) Once I start my homework.
B) When I’m finally done with everything and have time to watch a couple episodes of my fav show before bed.
C) After I’m cozy in bed and have told everyone goodnight.

7. Uh oh—awkward silence in your club meeting after school! You…
A) Turn to your neighbor and introduce yourself.
B) Speak if you’re spoken to— otherwise just keep checking the time.
C) Whip out your phone and scroll through all your social media apps.

Mostly A’s: You’re a take-it-or-leave-it kind of girl! Sure, you have social media accounts, but they’re not a priority in your life. You take time to enjoy the people in your life, and trust us—they appreciate it!

Mostly B’s: You’re just a girl of your times! Not quite obsessed, but no stranger to social media either. You’ve mastered the skills and you aren’t afraid to use them, but you’re also not afraid of some real-life interaction. Be careful though, it’s easier than you may think to let social media take over!

Mostly C’s: Woah, there, media girl! When was the last time you had an honest social media-free hangout with your friends? Don’t get so bogged down with who’s doing what that you tune out what’s going on around you. You’re quite the communicator online, so why not try it out in person, too?