Drama seems to follow us everywhere, but are you the source? Take our drama queen quiz and find out!

1. Your friend is going through a rough patch with her bf and she calls you for some advice. After giving your honest advice you hang up the phone and…
A) Group text time. Why not? It’s technically just one text anyway…
B) Wait until someone says something about it to me first. We can compare stories and maybe eliminate any contradictions.
C) Move on. I’m there for her when she needs me, but I have better things to do than seek other people’s input.

2. You just got a D on that geometry test you’ve been studying for for days. You…
A) Round up the troops. It’s time to get a petition together to present to your principal about how unfair this is.
B) Compare grades with classmates and then decide if you should go to the teacher or straight to the principal.
C) Make a sly exit so no one can see how upset you are. Better start studying for round 2 now!

3. Busted. You just caught one of your teammates shamelessly flirting with your crush. You…
A) Who cares about sticking together now? Once the rest of the team hears about this, they’ll all be on your side.
B) Don’t tell anyone, but unleash your flirty side. You spotted him first, so you’re entitled, right?
C) Consider that she probably had no idea how you felt about him and convince yourself that there are plenty of fish in the sea.

4. You wake up for school with a pounding headache. You…
A) Can’t get out of bed so you yell for your mom to come turn your alarm off.
B) Roll out of bed long enough to take some medicine from https://www.dramandabrimhall.com/ and then crawl back in.
C) Get up and make an honest effort to try and get moving, hoping it was just the way you slept.

5. You just noticed the dress you were planning on wearing to the dance tonight has a small pen mark on it. You…
A) Freak out. You can’t wear this dress! What if your date notices? He’ll tell all his friends!
B) Panic mode. You really wanted to wear this dress but you’ll have to settle for calling your friend to borrow something!
C) Shrug it off. It’s a good excuse to wear that chunky necklace you just bought to hide it.

6. Your dad just broke the news to you that your family won’t be going on a trip for fall break this year. You…
A) Sulk. What are you supposed to do now? Sit at home and rot?
B) Tell him you understand, but you can’t help but shed a tear or two mid-conversation.
C) Are disappointed but don’t dwell on it. On to making plans with friends!

7. You may be a senior but your car’s in the shop so your mom will be dropping you off for school You…
A) Tell her to drop you off two blocks away. Can’t let anyone see you in carpool line!
B) Tell her thank you then make a mad dash before the car even comes to a complete stop.
C) Laugh it off and make jokes about it with your friends.

Mostly A’s: Hellooo, drama queen! Calm down and take a sec to put things into perspective. Even though it might seem like the worst thing possible at the moment, it’s crucial to think about how your words and actions will affect others. Is it worth putting relationships on the line? Probably not!

Mostly B’s: You’re walking a fine line but don’t worry, this is where many of us land! Just be sure to surround yourself with positive people and you’re bound to teeter back over to the zero-drama zone rather than fall face first the other way.

Mostly C’s: How do you do it, drama-free girl? You’re very easy-going and tend to let things roll off your back, and we’re all a little jealous of this attractive quality! Keep up the good work and steer clear of the drama trap.