Tuesday nights can be busy, especially when there’s a new episode of Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family! Last week’s episode was especially fabulous because it featured every girl’s favorite event: PROM!

With this new prom-themed episode comes the how-to guide for perfect and stunning prom hair that you can do yourself! Keep reading to learn how to get these looks and and check out some hair tips from the show’s head hairstylist, Kim M. Ferry.

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Get the Look: Tips for styling shorter hair like Aria & Hanna

1. Before styling, always use a good setting spray. Ferry uses White Sands Liquid Texture Medium Hold Thermal Styling Spray ($19.60).

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2. Use a 1 inch wide hot curling iron, wrapping small (approximately 1 inch) hair sections vertically around the barrel.

3. Loosen your curls by gently combing them with your fingers for a more “beach wave” look.

4. Let hair fall into place naturally by letting it cool as it hangs. For a more natural look, skip the hairspray.

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Pro Tip: Try using an oil instead of hairspray. Apply by putting a small amount on your fingertips and add it to the dry ends of your hair. Oil helps with fly-aways and tangles, and it smells delicious! Ferry recommends White Sands Orchids Oil ($26).

Get the Look: Tips for styling long hair like Spencer & Emily

1. This technique for long, loose waves is similar to the steps above. To create longer waves, just use a larger barrel iron! Don’t have a larger iron? No problem! 1 inch barrels work great with long beach waves too, so don’t worry about splurging on another curling iron!

2. Before you begin curling, spray your locks with a good setting spray.

3. As you curl, remember to hold the barrel vertically instead of horizontally for more natural looking curls.

4. Pull the wave out as it cools and voila! Enjoy your PLL-inspired loose, natural curls for your magical night at prom!