Tips to stay active during “that time of the month”

You’d better get ready! Your least favorite family member is en route, and she makes quite an entrance. Make way for Aunt Flo (Does anybody still say “Aunt Flo is coming to town?” No? Oh well.) because she is here, and she stays for about a week. The few days before your period and the first couple of the week can be brutal. But with school and sports and family and friends, there’s no curling up in a ball in your bed for hours on end. Who wants to spend their time doing that anyway? Busy girls have to learn to deal, how to survive PMS, and send Aunt Flo back to where she came from!

“When I’m PMSing, I feel like a zombie! My energy is so drained, even after I’ve had a good night’s sleep. I’m tired of being tired all the time! How can I get back to feeling like myself during that time of the month?”
Fatigue is a normal symptom of PMS and it’s easy to go for an all-junk-food diet during your PMS week—but swapping nutritious food for sugar, salt and empty carbs is only going to drain your energy more. Some PMS-stopping power foods? Low-fat yogurt, pumpkin seeds, salmon and broccoli, all of which are packed with nutrients like Vitamin D, Vitamin B6 and protein to give you a major energy boost!

“My boobs get so swollen when I’m PMSing! I feel like I need all new bras because mine get so tight! What do I do?”
Ditch the cup bras! It’s totally typical for your boobs to get swollen during PMS, but unfortunately there isn’t a lot you can do to bring them down in size. Instead, opt for comfort. A great idea is to wear a sports bra all day, every day, while you are PMSing.

“I feel like a bloating flotation device during my period. Normally, I would go for a run but my PMS makes me just not want to. Any tips?”
Working out during PMS may feel like such a hurdle to jump (if you run track, literally!) but putting on those gym shoes and getting some exercise can actually make you feel better. Drink plenty of water and stash some extra tampons in your gym bag, just in case!

“Have you ever had the experience of mind-numbing cramps? I have and can’t do anything when they hit; I’ve even had to skip school.”
Don’t let cramps hold you back from being active. Exercise can help combat your cramps! As much as you want to lie still and hope they go away, get moving instead. Don’t skip your regular workout class; hit the gym or simply go for a walk. Just be sure to bring an extra tampon with you. Our pick? Playtex® Sport® Compact which are discreetly pocket-sized and offer 360˚ Protection® so you never have to worry about leaks while you work out!

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