While most high school students worry about homework, tests or prom, Jessica Treska has more to think about. A rising sophomore in high school, she’s taken the screen by storm in recent productions, like the HBO series Sharp Objects and Nickelodeon’s Alex & Me, and earlier appearances on Criminal Minds and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Recently, Jessica took time to chat with Justine about herself, her recent projects and her day-to-day routine!   ///by Daisye Rainer

“I’m still in public school, and I still do acting, and it’s pretty hard to balance both. It takes up a lot of time,” Jessica said of her demanding schedule. “I go to L.A. probably three times a week for auditions and stuff . . . so during the week I’ll go to school, and then I’ll come home. I usually try to eat, and then I’ll go straight to L.A., then I come home, and I do my homework.”

Jessica has mastered juggling the school and acting routine since she began her career at the age of nine, and she shared that after graduation, she hopes for more opportunities on the big-screen and at awards shows.

When asked about her celebrity inspiration, she gushed, “Jennifer Lawrence. I would love to meet her, and one of my goals is to work with her. I don’t even know how she does what she does.”

And like Lawrence, Jessica is adventurous on and off the screen! She told us she loves karting (she even has her own!) and that she hopes to do her own stunts in future productions.

For now, Jessica said the best part about her acting experiences has been meeting new people and getting close with the different casts she has worked with, especially when it’s a celeb-studded cast with Amy Adams (Sharp Objects) or Olympians like Alex Morgan (Alex & Me)!

“We filmed Alex & Me for a month in New Orleans, so I got really close with the cast,” Jessica said. “I’d actually worked with Alex before on a commercial before filming Alex & Me, but it was great to see her again. We remembered each other, and she’s so nice. I’m hoping for a third time.”

As for her role in Sharp Objects, Jessica plays Natalie Keene, a teen girl whose murder is being investigated by protagonist Camille Preaker, played by Adams. Jessica dished that her character Natalie is a tomboy, so she had to cut her long locks up to her shoulders for the role.

“I get killed in the show—that’s not a spoiler or anything—but it’s weird. Because if people see me, they’re like ‘Oh, it’s the dead girl!’”


Two things you may not know about Jessica? She has a twin brother and she’s half-Brazilian!

One thing on your summer bucket-list? “Charity work! Either something with cancer or animals.”

—Photographer: Ted Sun (www.tedsun.net) / Styling: Lisa Cameron / Hair & Makeup: Caren Elle