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You may know them as five solo acts who took the stage on Season Two of The X Factor, or maybe you just tuned into the top three after Simon Cowell formed the five girls into a group—either way, “superstars” does not even begin to describe the ladies of Fifth Harmony. Talk about a bunch of girls who are spot on with not only their talent but also their personalities! These rising stars know where they are going and just how to get there, but at the same time, they still remain genuine and humble despite their many accomplishments.
Justine intern Kaitlin had the ultimate opportunity to sit down and talk with the girls of Fifth Harmony on their AMAZING tour bus and really got a good insight on how the group became so popular so fast. Their success came from their talent plus their passion and drive to work together as a group. Here’s what they had to say…

What is the style of each person in the group?
Camila is like the baby doll of the group—she wears like bows and cute little skirts.”
Normani is a very edgy, glam kind of girl—she wears a lot of rhinestones, but at the same time… she has a lot of swag!”
Lauren is like a hipster kind of edgy kind of girl—she can rock a lot of rock stuff!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        “Ally is like the fun one—she likes a lot of colors and stuff and wears a lot of neon. She’s like Katy Perry.”
“Dinah has a very glam and sophisticated style—she loves blazers and she loves big jewelry!”

What did you think when Simon suggested that you all should unite and become one group?
I don’t know if it was a suggestion… it was actually a really big surprise; we all got on stage and he was like, “Hey… this is your group!” He was making three groups at the time, and he was like, “You stand here, you stand here, and you stand here…now what do you see?” And then we were like, “Oh, my God! We are a group!” It was really great because it gave us a second chance to make our dreams come true.

What has the transition been like from a solo artist to an all-girl group?
I think the transition was pretty obvious being that it’s no longer about you. And I think that it’s a really good thing because we all have each other to lean on.

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What are you most excited about with your upcoming album?

I think what we are most excited about is sharing a piece of us with the fans. It’s cool because we were able to co-write a lot of the songs on the album so you’re getting something that is straight from us!

What are you doing when you’re not singing?
When we aren’t singing we are usually sleeping! Because we are on the road so much…we do so much every day…we hardly get any sleep. So when we have time off or a break, we definitely sleep and nap. Oh, and we eat too! Nutella!!

Do you have any plans for your music when your album comes out?
I think you never really know what will happen when your album comes out. So, hopefully touring a lot!

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What was it like being on The X Factor?
It was really fun! It was like a whirlwind. I think that because of the atmosphere that we were in you had to grow up really, really fast. You have to mature up a lot in that short amount of time. But I think it was like a crash course for what is happening now and what will happen in the future. All the lack of sleep and no rest…it was preparation.

As an all-girl group, do you have any advice to girls about building confidence and trying to break into the business?
I think for girls, we have it really hard because there is so much pressure on us. But I think you should just let all that pressure go, be yourself, make sure to be happy with who you are and be confident with who you are. That’s so essential—especially in this business. We’re not perfect and it’s okay to not be. And I think that is a lot of what we stand for.

What is your favorite part about working together?
Awww! Maybe the fact that we have each other to work with…the fact that we have each other to lean on…the fact that if we are going through a hard time, we are there for each other all the time no matter what. It’s more than Fifth Harmony, the girl group—it’s a sisterhood. There are five girls and we are always crying! It’s like a slumber party all the time.