Before the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics tonight on NBC, we want to get you up to speed on the guys going for gold on the U.S. Olympic team. See our three favorite guys from Team U.S.A. and start cheering these Olympians on as they show off their skills in PyeongChang!

Gus Kenworthy, 26 @guskenworthy

The Olympic pro with heart, this British-born adrenaline junkie lives and breathes the slopes. He competes in the slope-style and halfpipe, which earned him a silver medal in men’s freestyle skiing in Sochi in 2014. You may remember him as the athlete who saved stray dogs during his Olympic run in Russia, and let’s just say we’re still swooning over it.

Nathan Chen, 18 @nathanwchen

This Utah native has some smooth figure skating moves on the ice, and he has his many years of training in gymnastics and ballet to thank for that. Nathan proves that his skills are Olympics-worthy by pushing the boundaries of the sport. He’s known for packing his routines with tons of quadruple jumps, so we’re sure to be watching his performances with serious anticipation.

Adam Rippon, 28 @adaripp

Ths pro figure skater is always ready to show off unmistakable style on the ice, and his peers have even coined the term “Rippon Lutz” for his signature skating move. Adam proved his commitment and over-the-top talent while skating through an injury at a recent national event. He completed his full performance, even though his shoulder had popped out of socket during a difficult jump, and proved that he’s ready for any challenge at the Olympic level.