2018 means “New Year, New Me,” right? Well, at least until the going gets tough and those hard-to-reach goals go out the window… But the problem may not be with your determination, but with the resolutions you’re making. Aiming too high is pretty much just setting yourself up to fail, and that’s no way to start a new year! Instead, why not focus on things that will help you this year, next year, and for years to come? It’s time to make resolutions that actually matter!

1. Instead of “Lose 10 pounds” resolve to “Become body positive”

This might be the most common New Year’s resolution . . . there’s a reason gyms are always so crowded in early January. Instead of kicking off 2018 with a crash diet or crazy exercise routine, why not vow to love yourself the way you are? Eating well and being active are great, but not for the sake of dropping weight—take care of your body because you love it! Learning to accept yourself, flaws and all, will make this a more fulfilling year for you, inside and out. And besides, if you starve yourself to quickly lose a jeans size you’ll probably just gain those lbs. back and feel guilty later!

2. Instead of “Have a better social life” resolve to “Become a better listener”

Spending lots of time with friends, going to dances and school events, and hosting sleepovers are all things that will make great memories for years to come, but why not take it up a notch? Your friendships can become bulletproof if you resolve to truly listen to your girls—it’s the one thing that’s sure to make you a ride-or-die kind of friend. When you graduate high school, you’ll have memories of more than fun times; you’ll remember how much you loved your besties and that you were really there for each other. Lend an ear and watch how your squad gets even tighter!

3. Instead of “Keep Your Room Clean” resolve to “Learn How to De-Clutter”

You might stay with your tidying-every-day routine for about a week, but let’s face it, life gets busy, school starts back, and suddenly you can’t see the floor anymore. Instead of just putting things you don’t need away, why not get rid of them? Learning to de-clutter will make keeping a clean room, locker or car so much easier because there will be less stuff to keep up with. Donate clothes you haven’t worn in a year, toss out old quizzes and tests you’ll never look at again, ditch expired makeup that’s cluttering your vanity, and you’ll see how much tidier your surroundings suddenly get!

4. Instead of “Save more money” resolve to “Become more financially conscious”

Yes, putting your pennies away for a rainy day is a great resolution, but maybe you should go a step further—learn how to budget and monitor exactly where you’re shelling out those dollars. Sometimes we don’t realize how many Starbucks runs we’re making and how much clothing hauls are actually setting us back. Learning to balance needs vs. wants will help you for many years down the road, and before you know it, your savings will start adding up like you’d never imagined!


5. Instead of “get a boyfriend” resolve to “be your own cheerleader”

Staying positive and encouraging yourself to achieve your goals are skills that you’ll take with you through college and the rest of your life! When it comes down to it, the most important relationship you’ll ever have is the one you share with you, and that’s the one that needs the most attention. Resolve to not worry that much about boys this year; instead be your own #1 love.

6. Instead of “Do things to add to Your resume”  resolve to “give back to the community”

A girl’s gotta have a great resume; that’s a given. But instead of joining clubs, running for student council or playing sports just to have activities to bulk up that crucial piece of paper, why not find a charity you’re passionate about and help make a difference? Not only will you be able to add the volunteer hours to that resume of yours, but it’ll help others and give you a major dose of #soulfood!