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While I don’t wear it all the time, I think it’s useful for when I want to dress up, but not completely necessary. It’s definitely a positive way to enhance your features. —Eliza, 19

I think it’s nice that all of these celebrities are showing their fans that it’s okay to go out with their natural face, but I also think covering up isn’t the only use of makeup. Makeup is fun to put on! Some teens like using makeup as an art and they like to try different shadows and lip colors. Sure, a lot of people cover up their acne with makeup, but that’s not the only use. I wouldn’t say makeup is a “big cover-up” because that’s not always the use. Some girls wear makeup for themselves and no one else, so why should people accuse them of not being natural or hiding? For the people who do use makeup mainly because of insecurity, that’s okay too. We all have our insecurities. If makeup makes you happier, you can wear it. Celebrities are trying to reach out to insecure teens and make them feel better about the skin they’re in. Hopefully, it’ll shift these teens into wearing makeup because they like the makeup, not because they don’t like their bare faces.  —Amber, 17

I think makeup is a positive way of expressing yourself. —Brook, 18

no makeup2

I love using makeup.  I feel it’s an art and you can use it in so many different ways.  As a teenager, it helps the self-esteem a little. I also feel the no makeup is a great movement; it’s what makes you most comfortable. —Megan, 16

I think makeup can be a bit of both. I think a girl should be able to feel beautiful in her own skin without makeup, but if you get a few spots on your face, there’s nothing wrong with using makeup. Confidence is confidence, and if it takes a bit of powder to make you feel good, I’m all for it. —Alli, 19

I believe it’s a tool to make you look a certain way. It can either enhance your features or it can be a big cover-up (like scars and acne). It’s how you perceive that person wearing the makeup. You could let it get to you and be envious or you can refuse to let it get to you and just be yourself.  —Rachel, 15